Calisthenics Exercise for BJJ Artists

When it comes to exercise most people trace it back to the Greek gods. If you look at the Greek philosophers you will never be able to imagine them without their traditional clothing and sculptured abs. Archeologists say that back in the day, Greeks used to rely heavily on their body weight for the workout. This art of workout where you use your body weight is known as Calisthenics. The goal of this workout is to help you lift the weight of your own body in a way that all the weight concentrates on just one point. This way you will be able to work on your muscles, improve their strength and also help them grow in size. Most people think that if you want to improve your muscle size or work on strength, you need to have some external weight. However, weight is important but you can choose what kind of weight is better for you.

With the help of this article, we will highlight the importance of calisthenics exercises and how they can help in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We will also explore how these exercises will mainly help in improving your muscle quality and make you stronger.

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Why Calisthenics Exercise Is a Good Option for BJJ Artists?

Calisthenics Exercise has so many different benefits that are not just limited to BJJ but also for your daily routine and other combat-based exercises. Some of the main benefits that are linked with Calisthenics Exercise include:

● You do not need any equipment for the workout
● Calisthenics exercise is very good for the joint because it only works on the muscle without exerting pressure on the joints
● Help in developing muscular endurance and strength
● Minimize the risk of injury
● Good for experts as well as beginners

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A Simple Calisthenics Workout for BJJ Artists

For all kinds of workouts, you need to start with setting a goal first. In most cases, BJJ artists select a full-body workout because they want core strength, shoulders, and upper body strength as well as lower body strength. A simple full-body calisthenics workout will have all the basics muscle workouts that will require no equipment and still offer better strength.

Start with 10 pushups and move to 10 pull-ups. Then you need to switch to two sets of hanging leg raises. Each set will have at least 10 moves. Finally, you can end it with 40 squats. For a beginner, you can decrease the squats to 10 as well. As you get comfortable with time, you can add other workouts or increase reps.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to your choice. For better and stronger muscles you need to choose weight-based exercises. However, it is your choice to choose an external weight or your body weight. If we look at combat-based players, especially BJJ artists, we will see that they are never bulky. Instead, they have a lean yet strong body structure which means they do not use external weights for exercises like bodybuilders. The main idea is to help your body make the most out of your limited yet intense workout and a calisthenics workout will help you with that.