Choosing Glasses for your Style and Personality

There’s no shortage of beautiful designs for eyewear frames. Designers put great thought into the materials, shape and detailing, so wearers do not only benefit from the glasses’ primary function of protecting or enhancing eyesight but also enjoy wearing them. Take Ray-Ban glasses, for example. The prestige associated with this brand comes from the Wayfarer’s versatility. According to a top Ray-Ban shop, which makes the Wayfarer a top choice for both young and old (whether they need prescription eyewear or not) is the classic style. Just think about it: famous owners of Wayfarers range from the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, to the blues and soul band The Blues Brothers, and the character Holly Golightly played by Audrey Hepburn in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Aside from the timelessly popular Wayfarers, Ray-Ban is also known for its Aviator frames which are associated with historical figures like General Douglas MacArthur and top Hollywood actor Tom Cruise for his role as Maverick in the film “Top Gun.” Indeed, top eyewear brands can be trusted to come out with eyeglass frame styles that everybody can wear. However, if you are looking for frames that look like they were tailor-made for you, do not just hover over classic designs the next time you look at eyeglass frames online or in shops. Take your features into consideration so that you can find the spectacles style that truly flatters your face.

Here are great tips you can follow:

● Round-shaped face

The best frame shapes to use if you have a round face are the angular ones. Square frames, in particular, can balance the soft line of your face with their sharp edges. And if you have a long nose, a square frame can somehow neutralize the length of this central facial feature. Another good option to consider is a rectangular frame such as the Prada PR010V, which is perfect if you want to create the illusion of a bigger width for a small, round face.

● Square-shaped face

Round and oval glasses are the best options for a square-shaped face. They contrast with the sharp corners of the face and create an overall softer appearance. Some of the best designer frames to consider are the DG2205 by Dolce and Gabbana and the Ray-Ban RX3447V Round Metal 2620.

● Heart-shaped face

For people with a pixie-like facial shape, what you need to focus on is creating vertical symmetry. This means opting for frames that can balance out a broad forehead and a narrow and slightly pointy chin. Stylists recommend round and cat-eye frames such as the Prada PR55PV and the Saint Laurent SL219.

● Oval-shaped face

People with an oval face are the lucky ones because any style of eyewear would look good on them. It doesn’t matter if the frames are round, angular, or cat-eye; all of these would prove to be flattering.
What they have to focus on instead are proportions and color.

The main principle when considering proportion is to make sure that the frame size is in scale with your face. And when you cannot find frames that are just the perfect size for your face, it’s better to opt for oversized instead of small ones

● Color Consideration

Now, when it comes to choosing the right color for your eyewear frames, you can’t go wrong with the neutral black and tortoiseshell. However, if you want to play around with other hues, here are the color rules to consider.

For people with a cool complexion or skin that has blue and pink undertones, some of the flattering colors for them are different shades of blue, magenta, purple, wine and pink. For those who prefer metal frames, silver and rose gold are better colors to go with. Meanwhile, for those with a warm complexion whose skin undertone is olive or yellow, the best colors are camel, coral, orange, pink and khaki. Now, when it comes to metal, yellow gold is the most suitable color for people with a warm complexion.

● Material Picks

It’s best to factor in the frame materials as well when choosing the best eyeglasses for you. A top optical shop in advises taking your lifestyle into consideration. For example, if you move around a lot and you don’t particularly enjoy heavy spectacles weighing down on your face, opt for wireframes, which are usually lightweight, flexible and hypoallergenic.

On the other hand, if looking stylish is a must for you, play around with high-quality acetate frames that are visibly thicker. A lot of such frames have eye-catching details such as stone and crystal embellishments and prints, such as the Balenciaga BB0071S. Recently, there has also been a high demand for frames made of wood. If you are looking for “green” yet uniquely stylish options, wood frames are certainly worth checking out. Do take into account the lenses you need as well. Some stylish frames may be too flimsy for heavy prescription lenses. Opt for frames that are thicker and have a good weight, especially if the prescription of each lens is quite different from the other.

How to Improve the Function of Your Glasses

Now that you know the essential variables in choosing the right eyewear frames for you, think about accessories and tools that can protect the quality and improve the way your glasses work. For example, invest in disposable lens wipes. They work better in cleaning dirt off the lenses than the typical microfiber cloth that glasses come with. Plus, you can use them to clean your mobile devices as well.

Consider eyewear straps, too, if you remove your glasses often but don’t like to store them in their case. You can take the DIY approach for this by purchasing affordable women’s accessories online. Necklaces and bracelets make stylish eyewear straps for designer glasses. Eyewear straps will keep your eyeglasses more secure while hanging down from your neck compared to just being hooked to your shirt or stuffed in the pocket of your shirt of jeans.

Finally, if you need to secure your glasses to your head while you’re performing different activities, invest in silicone straps. These straps work as headbands that can tighten the fit of spectacles, so they don’t come off when you’re doing different things.