Are you looking for general physicians in Kolkata for you or your family members? Don’t know how and where to start? If this is the case, then this article is the answer to your queries. After you read this article, you will know how to choose the best physicians to solve the medical issues of your loved ones.

Gathering information on doctors is a necessity nowadays. There are many doctors all around our city. However, at times, when we need one on an urgent basis, we face difficulties as we don’t have proper information regarding which doctor to approach by their area of practice. And not only for emergencies but also when we have ailing parents at home or a person suffering from mild ailments, it’s better to have a note of general physicians where you can consult and take medical help. Also, there are additional concerns that we need to think of while choosing a doctor as per our own needs and priorities. Let’s discuss them one by one

Area of Practice

Before jumping into the mission of acquiring a list of doctors, it is important to sort them according to our needs. There are many doctors with numerous areas of practice, and not all are required for us. You or your family members might be suffering from joint pains and dental issues. In that case, it’s better to look for an orthopaedic and a dentist. However, it is a must to keep a note of the names of general physicians in and around your locality to address general issues and emergencies.


Location of the Clinic

It is necessary to know the clinic’s location for quick accessibility. At times, when there is an urgency, it is better if we have a good physician nearby. So, having an idea of the doctor’s clinic address is very important during an emergency situation. For example, even if you are a resident of South Kolkata and you like to visit a physician at New Town, it would be easier to decide how to reach the venue if you know the exact location of the clinic beforehand. It will help you to estimate how long it’ll take to reach and plan your route as well.

Hospitals the Doctor Uses

Each one of us hails from various economic status and hence we should have an idea of the hospitals where the doctors visit. There are both expensive and economic hospitals available for all kinds of people. It would be better to consult doctors who visit hospitals that would be convenient for you in terms of money. It is not possible for us to pay huge money for treatment but still we seek the best, so there are many physicians who are really good and are affiliated to hospitals that won’t create a hole in our pocket.

Fee Structure

If you are out to visit a physician without knowing his/her fees, then you might have to face unwanted situations. Fees vary from doctor to doctor and also their respective fields. You will get several general physicians in New Town Kolkata as per your affordability. To get proper information, you can call at the clinics or search online as well.


Appointment Procedure and Waiting Time

There are various procedures through which one can book an appointment. Some are done over the phone, some are done online, and some are done by physically visiting the spot. In cases where you need to call, you need to look for the clinic’s number online. So it’s better to know the procedure and book an appointment accordingly.

Patient Reviews

With the advent of technology, the world has become a smaller place for us. Previously, we used to ask people about a particular doctor in case they had any acquaintance. Most of the times, the reviews weren’t convincing as either they had heard from someone or they had no idea about the particular doctor. But nowadays, there are various online platforms where one can search for a doctor and go through the reviews written by patients who had consulted the doctor. You can also google the doctor’s name to get all the required information. If you are searching for general physicians in New Town Kolkata, then you will get lots of information online.

These, my friends, are the things to keep in mind while looking for a general physician. Proper planning helps you tackle any situation with ease. Every other day, you might hear various stories from friends about various doctors. You’ll hear some positive reviews along with not so good reviews about the doctors. Hence, it is very important to check out the reviews of doctors and fix an appointment accordingly as per your needs. It definitely is an integral part of the planning process. Hope after reading this article, you are now ready to start your search for general physicians in an organized manner.