How To Cure A Hangover

Before going to bed after drinking ad nauseam, there are ways for you to prevent the symptoms of a hangover, besides not drinking in the first place.

YOU’RE lying in bed, and the little man in your head is pounding away with a jackhammer; your stomach feels like you just rode a roller coaster 15 consecutive times; and you feel like you haven’t slept in weeks.
While lying there, staring at the ceiling that has finally stopped spinning, the only question that comes to your mind is: “Did I really have to have that last drink?”
Well, you did have that final drink – the one that put you over the top – and now you’re paying for it. Not to worry though, there are ways to relieve the headache, nausea and fatigue experienced after having one drink too many.
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Drinking a lot of water before going to bed is an effective way of preventing the symptoms of dehydration experienced the morning after. Water before bed will also help wash out your system from the alcohol. Drinking water between drinks is also a great way to prevent the ailing morning-after effects.

Crunch and munch

To help avoid a hangover, try to eat or snack before or while drinking.

Now if these suggestions didn’t work or if you didn’t follow these tips, here’s how to handle the morning-after hangover:


The symptoms you’re feeling post-drinking are signs of dehydration caused by the alcohol. That’s why you must rehydrate yourself by drinking a lot of water when you get up. Rehydrating your body is the key to recovering from the hangover, and this cannot be stressed enough. You can even put some lemon in your water, it’ll help soothe your stomach and will add vitamin C. When drinking water, avoid water that is extremely cold or hot; drink water at room temperature.

Even though you’re extremely tired and a cup of coffee seems like the best way to wake you up, try to stay away from it. Caffeine will only dehydrate you more, and since it’s also a diuretic, it will not help your stomach. Milk and other dairy products are also not a good idea; they may make you feel more queasy.

Ginger ale
If you don’t want to drink water, try a glass of flat ginger ale, which helps soothe your stomach.

Juice is also a good idea; vitamin C will help give you the energy you’ll need.

Obey your thirst

Sports drinks such as Gatorade have been known to work for some people.

Feels like honey

Have some tablespoons of plain honey, or add some honey to your water or cup of tea. It’ll help soothe the dryness in your throat.

Make a toast

After drinking to just about every toast that could be made the night before, some slices of plain toast could be a good idea – avoid putting jam or butter on them.

Fruity Fixes

Eating some fruit is also a good idea. It’ll be refreshing and give you the vitamins and energy you’ll need to replenish your body.


If you’re not having fruit or drinking juice, take vitamin C or another type of multivitamin.


Have an over-the-counter painkiller such as aspirin or ibuprofen, to help ease the headache. Do Not have acetaminophen-based pills; these can be dangerous when mixed with the alcohol in your system. Take the pills in the morning, not before going to bed when the alcohol is still prominent in your system.


Either sleep in, or wake up and take any of the above-mentioned measures and go back to bed. This is assuming, of course, that you have the luxury of sleeping in for that particular day.

Wash Cloth

Another effective way to alleviate the pain is to lie in a dark room, with a cool compress on your head.

Remember that these are all ways to alleviate the symptoms usually associated with a hangover. If there seems to be a more serious problem as a result of alcohol consumption, go to a doctor.

These are things that have been known to help treat that dreaded feeling that comes after a night of drinking and partying. They all work differently for everyone, and you may discover your own method to help you overcome a hangover.

Enjoy the night, know your limits, and if you have one drink too many, you may want to try these quick remedies so that you don’t end up staring at ceramic all day long.