How To Exercise When You Don’t Have The Time For It

Making time for a proper workout at the gym or a yoga class is usually out of question when you are as busy as a bee. It is hard to make time for fitness goals when you have a long list of chores for the day and far too many people depending on you. Every now and then, when you get a breather, exercising is the last thing on your mind. Most days you barely have the energy to make it to bed before you collapse from exhaustion. However, worry not, as you can still exercise without exclusively dedicating a portion of your day to it. Just make use of the idle minutes, grab opportunities, and opt for smarter choices. If you’re wondering how, here’s the answer:

Commute by Foot & Bicycle

Rather than taking your car or calling a cab, rely on your feet or a bicycle to cover short distances. You will end up saving cash and fuel, as well as squeeze in a good amount of exercise. Brisk walking and cycling are excellent for lower body muscles, and even help strengthen your core. You will become active, improve your metabolism, and keep off the extra pounds. You will come one step closer to a green lifestyle and avoid the risk of getting into a car accident. Driving on the city streets during rush hours is no fun, and traffic jams add to the tension.

Did you know that increased anxiety levels can lead to depression? Your body is overcome by fatigue, you have urges to stress eat, and ultimately gain weight. Walking and cycling are wonderful low impact exercises that help clear the mind and maintain fitness.

Always Take the Stairs

Taking the lift/elevator is quick and convenient, but taking the stairs is so much better for your health. Climbing up a few flights of stairs everyday is an excellent form of cardio, which will benefit your heart and increase your stamina. It may feel very time-consuming and exhausting at first, but you will eventually develop the habit. You may even experience awful leg cramps during the first few days, but that is simply confirmation of real exercise. You can even go up and down the stairs at home or at work while you are using your cellphone; this kind of multitasking is good for you.

While you are Waiting

Busy people do end up waiting all the time, and it gets extremely frustrating. Whether you are waiting for the bus/taxi, a phone call, a meeting to begin, the water to boil, at a cash register, for receiving an order/delivery, or anything else, utilize these idle moments to squeeze in some exercise into your daily regime. Doing jumping jacks, squats, or a few stretches on the spot can make all the difference you need. You may also take a short jog around the place or engage in any other free hand exercises you know.

When you are awake in Bed

There are several exercises you can do while lying in your bed. Whether you are trying to fall asleep or preparing yourself to get out of bed, a few horizontal workouts can do the trick. Look up videos for lazy person workouts or exercises you can do in bed, and make the best of it. You can always just go with the true and tried crunches, sit-ups, and downward dog. The exertion of the workout will even help you sleep better. Proper sleep cycles help prevent depression, lethargy, and laxity.

At Social Gatherings

If dancing is an option at most of your social engagements, go for it. Whether it’s a work party, or a more intimate gathering, do not hesitate to bust some moves. Any amount of dancing should be good to get your heart rate up and burn some calories. If someone asks you to dance, say yes; also, do not hesitate to invite someone to the dance floor yourself. If you are happy going solo, show the rest how it’s done.

Sign up for P.E

When you cannot make time for something, turn it onto an obligation. If you are still in school, sign up for P.E (physical education). You can also take up a sport or join a club that participates in physically exerting activities. If your colleagues or classmates are members of a sports club, join in and use the opportunity to develop better relationships. Who knew an initiative to exercise could open several other doors towards self-improvement!

Never Say ‘No’ to Manual Work

Never pass up the chance to utilize your muscles and move your body. Whether the task at hand is taking out the trash, helping a friend move, or bringing in groceries from the car, embody an enthusiastic volunteer. You might reward yourself with a challenging workout, whilst helping somebody. Going the extra mile while cleaning around the house may also help burn down hundreds of calories. Household cleaning can do wonders for your mind and body when you are particularly agitated by something or someone.

Adopt a Dog or Cat

If nothing else gets you to leave the couch, an adorable pet could be the motivation you need. A cat can keep you on your toes while you’re trying to stop them from creating chaos; simply cleaning their litter several times a day isn’t a bad excuse to get up either. A dog will require you to take them out for a walk at least once everyday, which should be a substantial improvement on your current routine. If you think you don’t have time for a pet, adopting an adult cat would be suitable. Adult cats are rather independent and don’t bother their owner, as long as their water and food dish isn’t empty, and the litter box is cleaned up.

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