How To To Beat The Afternoon Slump

Here we have listed few snacks to eat The Afternoon Slump. Eat These To Beat The Afternoon Slump.

The clocks seems to stop ticking, the cubicles around you have come to a standstill, and you have that urge to fall flat on your back on comfy couch at the waiting area of your office. Yes, we are talking about the nasty 3pm slump that pulls you down. Perhaps, that cup of coffee is not helping that urge to nap on your desk. Here are five light-bites that will fight fatigue and up your staying power.

Fruit (+ Peanut Butter)

An apple a day (along with some yummy peanut butter) will definitely keep the sluggishness away. A perfect snack should contain calories that can keep you going in between the meals. The natural sugar in the fruit and the protein content in the peanut butter is an amazing combo to keep you full of energy.

Wholegrain Crackers + Cottage Cheese

Wholegrains are one of the best forms of energy booster, as they are complex carbohydrates, and can fill you up. And look for fat-free variety of cheese, please!

Nuts + Nuts + Nuts

Nuts are a great snack, as they contain a good mix of fat and protein, and hence, provide sustained energy. There’s fiber too, to add to the goodness. But do not OD on nuts because too many carbs can cause low blood sugar, resulting in mid-afternoon sleepiness.

Yoghurt + Berries

The creamy, protein-packed yoghurt is an amazing way to keep yourself feeling full and also it is the ultimate lightweight snack. Add a dash of good health to it by adding in some fresh berries and a spoon of honey.

Wholegrain Protein Bar

Cereal bars can be your perfect snack at work or on-the-go. At least 5 grams of fiber andprotein should be the criteria for choosing your bar, but with less than 15 grams of sugar. Carefully watch out for the number of calories in each bar-ideally, your afternoon snack shouldn’t be above 100 calories.