How to Use Visualization to Achieve Any Goal You Can Imagine

If you’re familiar with practicing any visualization or law of attraction techniques, dedicate some time and energy into manifesting how you want to feel, who you want to be, and how you aspire to carry yourself. Do this as much, if not more than, solely focusing on what kinds of external things you wish to bring into your life.

If you’re not familiar with manifestation, it’s essentially using your imagination and visualization techniques to focus on and see experiences you’d like to have in your life, in your mind, and you’ll be more likely to attract such experiences into your life. This article and this Meditate to Manifest program will give you a greater understanding of these concepts more in-depth, and explain how what you think about, makes you magnetic for the things you draw to you.

And while it’s wonderful to use the power of your mind to attract external things that can enhance your life, like a beautiful home, a loving partner, nice clothes, or a car you love, a deeper lasting happiness always comes from something within.

You can fall into the same traps using law of attraction techniques, that some people fall into in everyday life. It’s the trap, of believing true happiness comes solely from material things outside of ourselves. It can be easy to get more caught up on acquiring things and external notions of success, more than you focus on cultivating inner harmony, well-being, and self-care, but fulfillment is an inside job.

This is not an article to dissuade anyone from using their imagination to attract real, touchable, and feel-good things into their world. Keep doing it. It’s real, fun, and helps build your confidence in your manifestation abilities. Plus, you deserve to enjoy and appreciate things you love in life! Objects, experiences, and people can enhance one’s life experience and overall well-being.

This is more of an invitation to use your imagination to also attract how you want to feel, how you treat yourself, and the qualities you want to exude. Don’t just see yourself in a house with nice stuff. See yourself in that house with nice things you love, as the most confident, healthy, relaxed and grateful version of yourself that you can possibly imagine.

What are some inner traits that you want to develop into your character?

Here are some qualities you may want to embody:

  • Generous
  • Confident
  • Calm
  • Honest
  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Grateful
  • Free
  • Lighthearted
  • Energetic

Want to put it into practice? Here’s a few minute exercise, to visualize your ideal future self.

Visualization Exercise

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Relax. Now, imagine yourself, about 3-5 years from now. See yourself however you’d like to see yourself. Take a moment and notice your ideal surroundings. Where are you living? What is your space like? Perhaps some things you’d be really excited to have are in your space.

Now, notice yourself from the outside. See yourself, as your most confident, healthy, vibrant, centered, and peaceful version of yourself. What do you look like? Observe your energy. What do you feel like? Spend a few deep breaths, enjoying looking at yourself kindly as your ideal self, living your best and most peaceful life.

Maybe you have insight into how your future self spends time. Focus on this for a few moments and notice what that feels like. Now, take it a step further, and make eye contact with your future self you are observing. Start to notice how you feel, connecting with yourself in this way, looking directly into your own eyes. Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Make eye contact with yourself, and almost start to absorb the energy from your future, confident, ideal self.

Whatever the energy felt like, whether calm, confident, powerful, funny, rich, stylish. Start to feel yourself both observing, and embodying this energy, even just a little. It doesn’t matter that you’re just using your imagination. Take three more deep breaths and simply enjoy feeling this, right here and right now.

When you feel ready, open your eyes.

Keep revisiting this exercise. If you like to journal, write about this visualization exercise. What you can see in your mind, you can live in your reality, especially if you believe it. Enjoy!