List of Items in Your Labour Bag

Here are some things which need to be added to your labour bag. Pregnant women should keep these tips In mind.

Pregnancy is one of those moments in your life where one cannot express the uttermost joy experienced by the happy couple. But, when it comes close as to nine months, pregnant women start to experience the emotional stance of going into labour and hospitals. On one hand, it is a happy moment for the couple as the due date is approaching, and for some its dreadful since labour pain is not a happy and easy experience. Pregnant women dread labour pain although they want to anxiously see their little newborn whom they have carried for whole nine months in the womb.

Today, we have compiled a few things every pregnant woman should carry before she heads to the labour room. These essential things which have been enlisted have to be added to your pregnancy hospital bag so that you do not run chaotic later. These basic baby essentials which is needed to be added to the pregnancy hospital bag is to be used by you either before or post delivery. No doubt that the nursing home will provide you with basic necessities, but it is always good to carry your own things.


Lets take a look at some of the things which you need to add to your pregnancy bag before you go into labour.

  1. Maternity night gown – The most important thing which should go into your labour bag is a dark maternity night gown. It should be soft and comfortable for you to wear on.
  2. Slippers – It is important to pack a soft, comfortable and a warm pair of footwear in your labour bag. Slippers are comfortable and easy to wear too!
  3. Birth ball – These birth balls are soaring in popularity because they are an excellent tool to help ease the pain and even speed up your delivery. So do not forget to carry one with you before you go to the hospital.
  4. Massage Oil – Olive oil is one of the best oils to enhance labour massage and make you feel more relaxed and tranquil. You can also try out natural essential oil to relieve yourself from labour pain.
  5. Music – Do not forget to carry your favourite tunes to help you relax in the hospital whenever free. Your music can help you before and after your delivery.
  6. Napkins – Sanitary napkins may be good enough for you, but if you need something extra, you can go in for adult diapers.
  7. Candy – It is believed that when you go into labour, you are prone to getting a dry mouth. Therefore, sucking on a piece of candy will help to keep your mouth moist.
  8. Nursing pillow – Most hospitals provide you with nursing pillows, but carrying your own is always the best. Nursing pillows should be added to your list for your labour bag.
  9. Personal items – Apart from other important things, pampering yourself is also essential. To your labour bag, do not forget to carry your lip gloss, toothbrush, hairbrush, deodorant and body lotion.
  10. Insurance cards – Before you pack any of the above things into your labour bag, do not forget to carry your insurance cards. Make note that you have your pregnancy detail chart as well.
  11. Camera – To capture this beautiful moment in your life, do not hesitate to add your camera to the labour bag list.
  12. Hot water bottle – For soothing your backache during contractions, make sure to carry a hot water bottle in your pregnancy hospital bag.
  13. Newborn outfits – Though the nursing home will provide you with baby clothes, carrying an extra pair in your pregnancy hospital bag wouldn’t hurt.
  14. Inner wear – Basic lingerie should be on your list of things you need to take to the hospital. You need to wear on comfortable cotton brassieres and underwear after delivery.
  15. Extra clothes – Carry a pair of extra clothes for yourself. You may not be certain as to how long you would have to stay in the nursing home.