Tips to Get Fair Skin Naturally

Here You can Get All Simple, Cheap & Easy Tips to Make your Skin Fair & Shiny. fairness tips: How to get fair skin naturally at home by home remedies. People want to have a fair face for enhancing their beauty. Especially in Asian countries, people have a fetish for fair skin. But only few […]


Tips To Remove Blackheads

The tip of the skin becomes black so it is called blackhead. We get black heads when sebum stores in the pores of our skin and collects the dirt, which hardens the pores. Read more to get Blackhead removal tips. We get black heads when sebum stores in the pores of our skin and collects the dirt, […]


How To Cure Acidity Permanently

Acid reflux, acidity or heart burn is caused due to the presence of excessive acid in the stomach which causes irritation of the gastrointestinal covering. This problem results into a burning pain. Acidity is a symptom of defect in digestion. It is the excessive accumulation of acid inside safety valve of stomach which is known […]


Care Tips for Contact Lens

Here we have provided useful information about contact lens. 1) Avoid wearing contact lenses while swimming as there are bacteria in the water that can adhere to your lenses and cause infections. If you do swim with your contacts, you should wear goggles over them and you should disinfect them immediately afterwards. 2) You should never […]


Gooseberry (Amla) 50 Health Benefits

The Amla or Neelikkai (Phyllanthus Embilca) is also called Amalka in Hindi. Health benefits of the Indian Gooseberry or Amla can be attributed to the high vitamin C content. The Amla or Neelikkai (Phyllanthus Embilca) is also called Amalka in Hindi. In Sanskrit its name is Amalaki, which translates as ‘the sustainer’ or ‘the fruit […]


Beetroot Benefits: 6 Reasons To Eat Beetroot

Health benefits of Beetroots, Beetroots for healthy heart, Beetroot juice helps to lower high blood pressure Beetroots are rich in Vitamin B, it helps for skin health and hair growth. Including 1 glas Beetroot juice in our diet controls the high blood pressure and also improves the memory power. No Fat : Beetroots doesn’t contains […]


Health Benefits of Figs or Anjeer

Figs are seasonal fruits that are found in the western parts of Asia, but dried figs are available almost everywhere, at any point during the year. The fig tree is a member of mulberry family. The health benefits of fig or anjeer include its use as a treatment for sexual dysfunction, constipation, indigestion, piles, diabetes, […]


How Much Sleep do Children Really Need?

American Academy of Sleep Medicine has just released, for the first time, its recommendations for how much sleep children and teens should get to avoid health risks. Anyone who has ever watched children get on a school bus before the sun is up in the morning or teens walk into their first class clutching a […]


Onions Can Do These Miraculous Things

Rarely has anyone spoken of the true magic that onion does to our body, and let us tell you — it really does! This seemingly simple bliss of nature is a strong warrior when it comes to battling numerous diseases, and getting your organism up and running. Onions are excellent in the battle against chronic […]


When Does My Baby’s Heartbeat Start During Pregnancy?

Your baby will heartbeat, most likely, before you even know you’re pregnant. Your baby’s heartbeat starts from around 22 days after conception, although this will not be heard or seen for a while yet. When Can I See My Baby’s Heartbeat? Unless scheduled for an earlier scan, you will be called in for a scan […]