7 Health Benefits Of Carrots

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Carrots are favorite vegetable all over the world. They are greatly used as a juice, snack, soup and mixed with other vegetables. Here is the 7 most health handy benefits of the carrots.

1. Carrots contains high level of antioxidants helps to prevent cancer. Carrots have the capability of lowering the risk and may helps from three of the most common type of cancers like colon cancer, Lung Cancer and breast cancer because carrots contains falacrinol, which is a natural pesticide that prevents the cancer.

2. Fiber is rich in carrots as it helps for running a digestive system in a proper manner

3. Beta-Carotene is rich in carrots which is converted as Vitamin A and it is essential for eyes & improves the night vision and also prevents the age-related eye diseases.

4. Carrots contains high level of nutrition and low in calories it means we can fill your stomach without eating many calories beacause it contains nicotine acid to break down the fats and lipids in the body.

5. The fiber and Magnesium in the carrots helps us to lower and regulate the cholesterol levels in the body

6. According to the research, Persons who ate 0.88 ounces of carrot/day lowers the risk of heart diseases. So keeping carrots in our diet helps us to lower the risk of heart diseases.

7. Carrots Contains vitamin A, as it helps the skin by helping to get rid of damaged cells and regenerating new ones and makes us look like younger. We can say carrot is a best Anti-Aging food.