Benefits of Drinking Cranberry Juice for UTI

The term cranberry is taken from “crane berry.” This name denotes the bilberry flower. When this flower withers, it appears like the sand crane, which feeds on the berry. Cranberry is from the Ericaceae family. It grows in swamps, in humid forests. But this fascinating berry has many uses.

One of these is warding off UTI. UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) is 50x times more common in women due to bodily differences. Cranberry juice for UTI is a universal cure. American cranberry is called Vaccinium macrocarpon. It was a Native American cure for treating UTIs.


Other relatives include European Cranberry, blueberry, and lingonberry. While these berries have benefits, none can match cranberry for UTI prevention. Let’s learn more about why drinking cranberry juice for UTI is a good idea.

Benefits of Drinking Cranberry Juice for UTI

#1 Prevention of Bacterial Adhesion

How does cranberry juice work in warding off UTI? A property of E. coli bacteria is that it sticks to host tissues. Bacterial adhesion accompanies binding actions of lectin. These lectins are on the cell surface. The fructose present in cranberry prevents this adhesion. It also stops binding by impacting the fimbriae.


Cranberries prevent adhesion of fimbriae strains from the bacteria to the urothelium. Without this sticking of bacteria, infection is not possible. Fructose impacts adhesion. Compounds in cranberry serve to inhibit E. coli bacteria. Cranberry also reduces the potency of the bacteria. They do this by impacting surface molecules. Besides E. coli bacteria, many studies are showing the impact of cranberry on other pathogens. These include infectious germs like E. faecalis, S. aureus, and Proteus spp. Even multiple-drug resistant strains can be stopped due to cranberry juice. Cranberry juice has adhesion up to 8 hours post-consumption. It also lowers the strength of the UTI infection.

#2 Make Urine Acidic


For years, people have used cranberry juice to treat and help cure urinary tract infections. Cranberries protect against UTIs by making urine acidic. The best cranberry juice for UTI can make the bladder area less receptive to bacteria like E. coli. Nutrients in cranberries cause bacterial change. In this way, pathogens cannot stick to the urinary tract. Cranberries also create a smooth coat on the walls. This property makes it harder for the bacteria to increase in the urinary tract.

#3 Prevents UTI Bacteria from Multiplying


According to one study, cranberry juice mixed with sweeteners and water used in cocktails wards off UTI. Researchers discovered that cranberry metabolites in the fluid prevented E. coli bacteria from sticking to other bacteria. This action limits growth and multiplication. Bacterial biofilms do not form as a result of this, and infection lessens.

How to Make Cranberry Juice for UTI?

Cranberries comprise water and organic acids like salicylate. It also contains fructose. Vitamin C, catechins. It is rich in flavonoids, and anthocyanidins. Stable polyphenols or tannins like anthocyanidins and proanthocyanins can act against pathogens.

But because of acidity, cranberry juice can be hard for some individuals to have. High in salts/oxalates, cranberry juice makes it likelier to develop kidney stones. For those taking blood-thinners like warfarin, it is essential to avoid cranberry products. In such people, these products may cause bleeding.


Common preparations of cranberry include a cranberry juice cocktail or sweetened cranberry juice. But experts recommend that the best cranberry juice for UTI is the unsweetened variety. Besides this, cranberry pills also work. You can even take fresh, whole berries.

Gelatin containing cranberry juice is also a good option. Extracts containing cranberry generally contain 10 to 25 percent pure juice. This percentage is because pure cranberry juice is too acidic. It has pH values of lower than 2.5. These types of natural 100% pure juice can be tough to have, even if you add sugar.

Besides this, another essential point to remember is to take cranberry juice just two hours before or after the meals. Drink water in sufficient quantities as well. Cranberry juice is generally in the form of a cocktail with sweeteners, water and 25% pure juice. It is the best cranberry juice for UTI.

Cranberry juice is undoubtedly an effective cure for UTI. As women are more likely to develop bladder infections, cranberry juice is the right option, especially if you are nursing or want to avoid medicines for other reasons. It is useful in countering bacterial infections at the center of UTIs.