Grip Exercises: 5 Ways to Boost Hand Strength and Function

A strong grip is one of the most overlooked areas in strength training. It is often neglected.

Grip strength not only provides a firm handshake it also helps you to gain good health.


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Hand strengthening exercise with a hand gripper is the best way to keep your forearm stronger and firmer. Although it is unlikely you will ever be able to use your hands effectively without a strong body with endured muscles.

You can lose body fat by lifting more weight while you exercise. Consequently, you’ll burn a significant number of calories. It means a pair of solid arms helps you do a high-intensity workout program for weight loss. So, it is a good idea to Include grip strengthening exercises in your strength training program.

Why is grip strength so important?

Grip strengthening exercises increase your muscle longevity. It makes them more flexible and durable. If you lack grip strength, your arm muscle will become prone to imbalance and injuries during exercises. So, it is vital to condition them for greater mobility, strength, and better endurance level.

With Grip strengthening exercise, you can prevent chronic repetitive motion injuries.

Besides making your forearm muscle more muscular, it also keeps your hands stress-free. Even it can release your mental stress, improve cognitive behavior, helps you to maintain healthy blood pressure, and take care of your health.

Grip strength acts as a biomarker of your health. So, maintaining it helps you to gain an overall healthy body as well.

Grip Strength Exercises

You may come across different types of grip strengthening exercises with multiple difficulty levels. You have to choose them according to present health, specifically muscle endurance level. It is always a good idea to start from scratch and thereby increase difficulty levels.

Crush Grit: crushing refers to the act of putting your hand around something and pressing down.

Pinch grip: pinching refers to the act of grasping an object with your fingertips and pressing down hard so that it doesn’t drop. Engage all your fingertips to pinch thick objects like a book, copy, or magazine.

Assisting crush grip, a grip that allows you to hold an object tightly with your fingers.

Hand Grippers

A hand gripper or a hand-held dynamometer is a great tool to boost your crush grip. Hand grippers that are real should be challenging to close and will not be like the plastic ones you might have seen in high school weight rooms. Iron Mind’s gripper is very famous among athletics and fitness trainers. They can be purchased on Amazon or their website for around $20 each. You can choose from various tensions, starting at 60lbs and ending at, which is close to 365lbs.

As grippers require a certain skill level and strength, we recommend that you start by learning how to set and close them properly. Start with 8-10 reps in a lighter gripper, and then work your way up.

Barbell HoldsIt is easiest to do this in a squat rack, with the pins placed just below where you would deadlift. This is not a deadlifting exercise, but to keep the weight on your chest.

Take the bar and hold it with your double overhand grip. Then, stand tall (e.g. Deadlift lockout position. This is where the goal is to hold for time. At the initial level, you need to do a minimum of three sets.

3 Farmer’s Carries exercise

For this, you need only a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells. You stand with the weights and walk for a specified distance or for a set amount of time. This increases motion in your grip. Your forearms are also challenged, as well as your core muscles, shoulders and hips. Start walking at 20 feet and then move up to 40 feet with heavy weights.

Towel/Rope Pull Ups

These towels are great for grip, and you can get a few dish towels at a fraction of the cost if your gym doesn’t offer towel service. Drape the towel around the pull-up bar and hold them to your full potential when doing pull-up exercises. Although they will be difficult at first, your grip will improve tremendously.

Plate Pinches

We recommend pinch grip using plate pinches. You will need two flat plates on one side so you can pinch them together for a time. Start by pinching two 5lb plates for 30 seconds for a couple of sets. If this seems too tricky, you can move on to 2 or 3 10lb plates.

Have you ever carried a bucket of sand?

Could you do it for your hand extension? Just take a bucket (size should be according to your capacity), fill it with sand, and lift the bucket. This heavy-weight lifting exercise engages your finger and forces them to work against pressure.

Hand gripper exercises are the easiest addition to any strength training program. They have also