Health Benefits Of Bran Muffins

How Bran Muffins can Benefit Your Diet and Health.

Although bran muffins have all the health benefits of whole grain, these heart muffins can also be high in calories and fat. To get the nutrition without the calories, try eating a smaller portion size or making your own bran muffins at home. You can also try another source of whole grain that does not have the added sugar of muffins. But if you eat in moderation, bran muffins can be a great addition to a healthy diet.

Why is It Important to Eat Bran?

Bran is full of fiber, which is critical for a healthy digestive tract. It also fights diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease by keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure low. One bran muffin contains almost 29 percent of your recommended daily allowance of fiber.

Can Bran be Eaten Alone?

Wheat bran has a naturally sweet taste, so many people like to eat it solo. But if you don’t like the flavor, you can add fruits or other sweeteners. Honey is a great alternative to sugar, especially if you are baking your own bran muffins at home.

How can Bran be Used in Recipes?

If you’d like to increase the nutrition value of muffins and other goodies, replace half the refined flour with crushed bran flakes. This will give your muffins added flavor, texture, and vitamins. You can also mix bran into pancake and waffle batter, or eat plain with yogurt or fruit.

How can You Tell if Bran Muffins are Healthy?

If you are buying prepackaged bran muffins, read the nutrition label. Avoid brands that are high in calories, sugar, sodium, and saturated fat. If you’re buying muffins in a bakery, ensure that the muffins are whole grain by asking if 100 percent wheat flour was used.

What Additives Make Homemade Bran Muffins Healthier?

Pump up the power of your homemade bran muffins by adding other healthy ingredients. Using 100 percent whole wheat flour will give you whole-grain muffins that count as one of the three whole grain servings you should be eating each day. You can also increase the nutritional value by stirring in raisins or other dried fruits.

How can the Daily Recommendation for Whole Grains be Met?

In addition to bran muffins, you can also find whole grains in many bran cereals. Just make sure that the first ingredient is 100 percent whole grain. Whole wheat pasta and breads are also great ways to get the nutrients you need each day. Another easy fix is swapping out white rice for brown. Brown rice has a similar, slightly nutty taste, but is much healthier.

Like many foods, bran muffins are lower in calories and healthier if made at home. This allows you to control the ingredients and make sure you know what you are consuming. Bakery bran muffins are a great choice since these muffins are likely packed with vitamins and fiber. Just be cautious about portion size to make sure you do not consume too much sugar and salt.