Health Benefits of Onions

Here we have provided major health benefits of Onions. It is very useful to cure certain diseases.

Onions are one of the Best Vegetable, you have got.Really it provides relief from the common cold, bacterial infections, and cough too.

Due to the Presence of some sulphur compounds in traces of Essential oils, Onions had huge benefits in health point.

Advantage of onions is you can grow them in your Backyard and reap its benefits .

Some Major Health Benefits

1) Good for teeth

Onions are Normally Well used for the Oral infections and tooth decay too.Chewing the few onions may be 2 will kill the gems in the Mouth area

2) Good for Skin

Onions normally mixed with Olive Oil or Honey is a Good remedy for Acnes

3) Cough remedy

Onion Juice mixed with Honey will be used as a Remedy for Sore throat and Cough Problems

4) Treatment of Urinary Disorders

Onion of 5 to 6 grams should be boiled in water.Drink those water daily to get the Relief from Burning Sensation in the Urinary side


5) Reduce Ear pain

A small drops of Onion juice in the ear through cotton wool will reduce the Ear pain .It cures the Ringing Sound in the Ears

6) Good for Relieving Stomach pains

Onions have anti-inflammatory and anti-Bacterial Properties that gives you relief from the Stomach and Gas problems

7) Prevention for Cancer

Onions can successfully inhibit the Cancer cells by releasing active compounds, so it prevents cancer.

8) Good cure for anemic conditions

Eating Onions with Jaggery and water improve the anemic conditions.

Onions are certainly a biggest boon for the Mankind.