Health Tips for Smokers – Reduce Effects of Smoking

Smoking with all its injurious repercussions still has a huge number of followers. Here we have provided Healthy diet and food recommendation for Smokers, Food reducing the harmful effects of smoking, How to remain healthy in spite of smoking.

Health Tips for smokers

  • Bearing in mind the range and extent of damage caused by nicotine, it is important that you embark upon the process of quitting smoking.
  • The process requires determination and gradual modification to the changed regimen.
  • But as you embark on it, make sure that it is gradually achieved.
  • Sudden stoppage should not be opted for because it can prove to be detrimental to your system.
  • At times, it is proper seeking medical guidance as to the process which may suit you the best.
  • But you can get the process going by gradually cutting down on the counts of numbers.
  • Do remember that smoking leads to nutritional deficiencies. Therefore before setting on course the procedure of quitting, try to follow the nutritional plan that will serve to cleanse your system.
  • If you have to quit smoking, steer clear of stimulants provided by junks, French fries, colas and carbonated beverages because they will trigger your vulnerability to smoking.
  • Alternative option for electronic cigarettes counts amongst the leading tips for smokers.
  • E cigarettes are supposed to be one of the effective devices helping you to give up smoking.
  • They may not be free from nicotine, but reduced carcinogenic content proves to be a healthy option.
  • Holistic therapy dependant on yoga, meditation and naturopathy can also aid in the process of deactivating smoking.

Healthy diet and food recommendation for Smokers

  • In order to counteract the extremely injurious repercussions of nicotine intake, it is important that you realize the significance of a healthy dietary regimen.
  • Balanced nutrition in addition to nutritional supplements can help you rid the damages of this addictive habit.
  • Healthy diet recommended for smokers include leafy greens, loads of roughage, fresh & seasonal fruits and whole grain cereals.
  • Opt for a dietary regimen that does not tax your digestion.
  • With liver providing for natural detoxification, it is necessary that its health is ensured.
  • Bearing in mind the process of health and that of cleansing, it is important to reduce the intake of junks, processed food and those based on refined starch.

Food reducing the harmful effects of smoking

  • Vitamin B, E & C in addition to those enriched with antioxidants help tominimize the harmful effects of smoking.
  • The mentioned nutrients have established relations to countering the damages caused to lungs.
  • You can go for multivitamins, B complexes and necessary supplements.
  • But it is preferable opting for food sources enriched with the same.
  • Dietary plan with insistence on cabbage, sprouts, beat root, carrots, kale, spinach and collard should be opted for to reduce the harmful effects of smoking.
  • It is better to have the food cooked in minimum oil. Boiling, steaming and having it in forms of soups and juices will prove to be effective.
  • Six helpings of vegetables will serve to cleanse the system besides making up for the nutritional depletion.
  • While vitamins in forms of greens will prove to be healing; abstinence from sugar and refined starch will help you control blood sugar.
  • There isn’t any need to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates; but go for the unrefined or unpolished version of the same.
  • In addition to freaking on boiled vegetables and fresh fruits; go for unpolished rice and bread made of whole-wheat.
  • It is important that you minimize your caffeine intake as well.
  • Alternative option of green tea will prove to be pretty effective.

How to remain healthy in spite of smoking

  • Nutrition and supplements based on it will help you to stay in pink of health despite smoking.
  • In fact dietary regimen focusing on the minimized consumption of carbohydrate, refined starch and processed junks will guide you into a plan from where you may think in terms of giving up smoking.
  • With smoking enhancing the exposure to cancer, it is important that you opt for a healthy lifestyle with distributed thrust on diet, rest and exercise.
  • Insist on a plant based dietary plan.
  • Minimum processing of food and for that matter minimum cooking of food will guide you into health and betterment, other than being antithetic to cancer.
  • Go for a balanced blend of diet and exercise so that the physiology is ensured of a proper metabolism.
  • Supplements of green food can also be opted for, but do ensure yourself of physician’s guidance before embarking on the same.