Lifting Heavier Weights: A Beginner’s Guide

A workout is a great way to build muscle and to achieve the look that you want. If you have been hitting the gym but have not achieved the desired results it could be due to your pre-workout routine. A pre-workout routine is essential to all of us because it helps maximize the things you do at the gym. It is essential for those of us who want to hit the weights and build muscle. Here are some simple steps you follow before working out.

#1) Dynamic Stretching

Stretching is something that any professional athlete or trainer will tell you should be part of your pre-workout routine. Stretching is the best way to prepare your muscles and get them ready to exercise. While many people have different stretching routines that they do before workout research has shown that dynamic stretching is much better for you and your muscles than static stretching.

Dynamic stretching is the best form of stretching because it offers your body many different benefits that static stretching does not. This type of stretching involves getting your muscles actively working and moving. When you start stretching your muscles dynamically you get the blood flowing to them, increase the temperature of your muscles, and help to improve their overall function. Stretching your muscles can help reduce the risk of getting injured while working out while boosting your performance during your exercise.

#2) Use A No Stim Pre Workout Supplement

Using a no stim pre workout supplement as part of your pre-workout routine is a great way to help boost your performance during a workout. A no stim supplement means that the supplement does not contain any stimulants. If you are drinking a supplement with no stimulants you can expect to see more pump and increased endurance during your workout. These supplements are different from other supplements on the market. If you do not want to drink caffeine right before a workout this is an essential supplement to drink beforehand.

#3) Drink Water

Before working out all people must drink plenty of water. Drinking water helps to keep you hydrated while working out. Drinking water as part of your pre-workout routine also helps to regulate your body temperature and keep your joints lubricated. It can help deliver nutrients to all parts of your body and keep you working at optimal capacity. While it is important to drink water before you exercise it is just as important to drink water during and after our workout as well. Staying hydrated with water is crucial for all people and is something that you should not ever forget.

#4) Eat A Meal Beforehand

Research shows that you should eat a full meal of about 2 to 3 hours before you are scheduled to work out. It can be difficult to time this outright but the more of a routine you have the easier this may be to follow. Eating a full meal allows your body to ingest the extra calories that it will need to work out. It can provide energy that your body needs during a workout. If you can time it outright and are going to eat a meal two to three hours before working out you should make sure that your meal includes carbs. Carbs can provide energy stores that your body can use during your workout routine.

#5) Roll Out Your Muscles

One of the best ways to get your muscles working at optimal capacity is to roll out your muscles beforehand. You can use a roller, made of PVC pipe, foam, or another semi-hard material to glide firmly across the different muscles of your body. If you are going to focus on your leg muscles you should use the roller primarily on your legs before working out. If you are going to focus on other areas of your body you should use the roller on other parts of your body. Rollers are a great way to help break down muscle so that new muscles can form. You must break down muscles to rebuild stronger, more rejuvenated looking muscles. You can easily buy or make your own roller and use it before and after a workout.

#6) Have A Plan

One of the best ways to optimize your workout is to plan for your workout. Going to the gym with a workout in mind is the best way to help you stay focused on your goals. For instance, if you want to focus on building your leg muscles you should implement cardio and then focus on exercises that are going to build your legs. The same thing goes for building arm muscles on other days and core muscles on the next day. If you can switch between different body areas you can optimize your time at the gym and leave feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. We all love working out but it can be frustrating if you do not reach the goals you want. Your pre-workout routine can significantly affect the workout you have. If you have a bad workout it could be due to the things you did or ate before your workout. These pre-workout steps should be followed by anyone who is planning to hit the gym soon.