What Can Cause Lower Back Pain in Women?

Muscle pain can be caused due to a lot many reasons, and they are intolerable. A guide to knowing the reasons and the ways to treat it is helpful.

So many people suffer from pain in their lower back, and they often feel discomfort and immense pain because of this, and this problem is mostly in women. Pain in a woman’s lower back is primarily due to some injury but can also happen due to other reasons.

Back pain affects your daily life in so many ways, and most of the time, it also stops women from doing their daily work, studies, or job! There are several customized treatment plan for back pain for women that can help them to get away from their immense pain and live a normal life free from their pain. It can only be done when someone visits their doctor and describes their pain, and then the doctor will diagnose them and plan a customized treatment plan for them.

What is Lower Back Pain?

Pain in the lower back in a person can happen due to accidents, injuries, sudden movement in the body, and many others. The pain level is known to differ from person to person, and even the prime cause leading to lower back pain. When the level of pain increases, women are not able to do their daily tasks, sleep, work, or study!

Generally, women sleep, take painkillers, and perform home remedies to treat their pain. There are also several infections, like cortisone, that can treat lower back pain.

What are Some Causes That Result in Lower Back Pain in Women?

Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS

Premenstrual syndrome is when women suffer painful issues or body changes before their actual periods. The problems women face with premenstrual syndrome are generally two types; the first is physical symptoms known to include lower back pain, bloating, headache, fatigue, and a few more. The other is emotional and behavioral symptoms, known to have anxiety, food cravings ( mostly sweets ), mood swings, trouble concentrating, and more. These syndromes can last till the period starts or a day or two before the period starts in women.

Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorders

Premenstrual Dysmorphic Disorder, or PMDD, can be defined as a huge severe form of PMS. Women suffering from these severe problems are lower in number than women suffering from Premenstrual syndrome. The physical and emotional symptoms of premenstrual dysmorphic syndrome are as same as the symptoms of PMS. But, the level of pain and irritation is on a huge level than PMS.

This problem generally initiates a few days before the period happens and lasts up to a few days after the period ends in a woman. Premenstrual dysmorphic disorders are also one of the leading causes of lower back pain in women.


Endometriosis is a harmful situation in the uterus where the lining tissue grows out from the uterus. Sometimes, the tissue lining of the fallopian tubes also grows out and can cause pain and discomfort in women. If someone thinks that endometriosis is only limited to the uterus and fallopian tubes, then they are wrong because it can also occur in the tissue lining of the bowel and the urinary tract in women.

If someone has endometriosis, they suffer from a lot of internal pain while having menstruation; they also suffer from pain while having intercourse and even after it, pain in the lower back and pelvic floors, pain and discomfort while they are urinating, and more. Apart from this pain, it can also cause diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating in them.

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Another reason to cause lower back problems in women is because of dysmenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea is a painful condition where women suffer from immense pain during their menstruation. Sometimes, dysmenorrhea is manageable for some women, and sometimes, the pain is unbearable and not manageable.

Women under 20 indulge in regular smoking, bleed heavily while menstruating, have the genetics of very painful periods, and a few more. It can also occur when someone already suffers from other painful situations, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory issues, and uterine fibroids.

Dysmenorrhea can cause immense pain and irritation in the lower back, legs, hips, and abdomen. These pains continue for one or even three days in women, and the pain can feel needle-like, dull, and achy.


Pregnancy can cause several physical and psychological changes in women, leading to many issues in their bodies, including lower back pain. It mainly occurs due to heavy weight during pregnancy, hormone changes, the shift of gravity centers, and much more. In many cases, this pain can occur when someone is in the fifth or seventh month of their pregnancy.

If someone already has lower back pain, they are at a very high risk of suffering from this pain during their pregnancy. The location of lower back pain in women during pregnancy happens below their waist and around their tailbone. They can also suffer from this in the center of the back, and it can reach their legs.

Muscle Strain

Sometimes women suffer from muscle and ligament strain that can lead to lower back pain. It can occur when someone indulges in regular heavy lifting, bending and twisting their bodies, sudden movement, over-stretching the muscles and ligaments, and much more. If the problem persists, it can also lead to back spasms in them, including continuous lower back pain.


The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves in a human’s body; if there is pain or some injury in the sciatica nerve, it can cause sciatica. The Sciatica nerve is known to pass from the lower spine through a human’s buttocks to the legs.

When someone suffers from sciatica, they feel a burning pain and a sudden pain in the lower back. Women suffer this sciatica pain in their one leg and their lower back. In some cases, women can also feel painful numbness and weakness in their legs and lower back.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc is a disc in the body known to cushion the vertebrates, and it gets compressed and also bulges out in the body, which is why the herniated disc gets damaged and ruptured. Women’s immense lower back pain is caused when the outward bulging herniated disc puts pressure on the nerve.

If someone faces any injury, they can also spin in the neck of a person.

Disc Degeneration

With the increasing age of a person, spine discs start wearing down, which can cause disc degeneration. And further, it can cause many painful issues in women, including very painful lower back pain. Apart from increasing age, this problem can also be caused due to sudden cramps, injuries, or any accident.

This problem can occur in some women after turning 40, and in some, it can cause even before 40! Like this, some may face pain, and some may not! Most of the time, the degeneration can occur in the lower back of a person, and it can also occur in the neck portion of a person.


What are Some Home Remedies to Treat Lower Back Pain?

Applying Ice Pads or Heating Patches

When someone faces any pain in their body, the first thing that anyone does is apply some ice pads or heating patches on the area. And the same can be done when there is pain in the lower back by applying these two or three times a day.

Massaging the Area

Massaging the affected area on one’s own or taking the help of someone to massage the painful area is also known to help a lot while someone is helpless from the pain in their lower back. It will increase the blood flow in the nerves and lessen the pain. However, if someone is suffering from a lot of pain and massaging increases the pain, one should not choose this option.

Taking a Warm Bath

Taking a warm bath can also lessen lower back pain in women by increasing the blood circulation in the body and reducing the stiffness of the muscle. One can soak themselves in a tub filled with warm water and escape the painful situation they are facing.

Consuming OTC Painkillers

Even after doing so many things to lessen the pain, nothing is going any good; one can consume some painkillers to help them. Some painkillers that one can eat when they are suffering from intense lower back pain are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ( NSAIDs) like ibuprofen ( Advil and Motrin ), naproxen ( Aleve ), aspirin, and a lot more.

Using a Pillow

Another home remedy to do in this situation is to place a pillow between the knees while they are sleeping on the side, under the knees while sleeping on the back, or however comfortable they feel.

When to See a Doctor?

Trying various home remedies is the first thing someone does while having any discomfort or pain in their body. Most of the time, these home remedies are known to help with this problem, but there are also a lot of times when these home remedies are of no use and not helping even a bit to anyone.
In these cases, going to see a doctor or any health professional is the best help that one can do for themselves. There are some symptoms that one can notice in them to decide that this is the right time to visit a doctor.

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Describing your back pain to doctors and health professionals can help relieve lower back pain.

  • When someone cannot walk or even stand properly without any help.
  • Along with lower back pain, someone is also suffering from high fever and cannot control their bowel and bladder.
  • They are feeling intense numbness and tingling situation in their legs.
  • When the pain extends from a person’s lower back to their legs, home remedies are not working for them to ease their pain.
  • When the lower back is interfering in their day-to-day lives and stopping them from doing their regular work.
  • Also, when someone faces abdominal pain due to pain in their lower back.
  • Most of the time, women can also have endometriosis, one of the severe cases when someone surely needs to visit a doctor.


According to several studies done worldwide, numerous women are skipping their workplace, studies, and more due to immense pain in their lower back.

The pain in women’s lower back can be due to several reasons, and sometimes it can be extremely painful. One of the leading reasons for this situation is due to the periods in them, as lower back pain is associated with the menstrual cycle in women.

It can also occur when someone has old pain like falling or bold operations. If the problem and extreme pain persists and treating it through home remedies is not helping anymore, then that’s the time to visit the doctor and describe the pain to them. Describing your back Pain to health professionals can be very helpful if the problem continues and there is no lessening of pain.

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