Understand How Fat Burns And Weight Is Lost So You Can Do It Right

Losing weight is not much of a problem or an impossible task. All you have to do is follow a proper diet plan and do some physical exercise or martial arts. Know the science behind it and how fat loss works and you can do it better. Reaching your goals would be much easier. Weight loss facts and truth are simple yet extremely effective. Today we will have a look at how weight loss and fat burning happens so you can do it easily and effectively.

Exercise to lose weight?

Even if you don’t exercise, the body requires energy to stay alive. Then more energy is used when you do the usual work like walking, sitting, standing, riding the bike etc. but you can add exercise on top of that to burn more calories. Fat is burned when calories you eat daily are less than calories you burn. Have a look at other fast ways to burn fat.

Now this can be done in two ways. Either by reducing your calorie intake and doing the normal amount of physical work you do. Or following a healthy diet and doing exercise with it. With exercise, your body will burn fat faster, better, the results will last longer, you will be in shape, and the body will get stronger.

Whereas, by reducing the calorie intake, people do two things. Either cut down carbs and protein to alarming levels and live on salads. Or take just enough carbs and avoid fats. The later option is better but still not as good as doing exercise and following a diet plan. When it comes to exercise you have to be smart and choose wisely. Running a few miles and spending a few hours will not give you as good results as HIIT or martial arts can give.

What exercises can you do?

All forms of martial arts are good but i personally like and recommend MMA and Muay Thai. Because with these you can even burn more than 1,000 calories an hour and it won’t even feel as exhausting and boring as running. Get your MMA and Muay Thai gear now and start burning that stubborn fat off.

If that is not your thing then Try HIIT, i.e. high intensity workout with a short interval in between. The Best thing about HIIT is you don’t need any weights, they can be done anywhere, and would take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. Want to go for the more traditional type of workout, i.e. weight and resistance training.

Sure go for it, but there are other methods you might like. Dancing, sports, hiking, cycling, playing with kids etc. are the things where you can burn fat while enjoying it.

With athletes, it is a little different. Some of them even do weight training which is usually intense. Other times the sports and sports training itself is so intense that they don’t need any other workout. For instance, professional swimmers train intensely so that they easily burn up to 10,000 calories in a day. With burning that many calories it is so easy to stay in shape and even eat what you want. But it is either so difficult or not possible for us because of our routines and whatnot.

Muscles are the most active body tissues. You should be working towards strengthening and building muscle too when losing weight. Otherwise, you could end up weak and skinny. Adig muscle is also important when losing weight because it prevents a calorie deficit and our metabolism to slow down.

Metabolism and weight loss are correlated

Ever researched for weight loss methods, it is likely you have heard “metabolism”. But do you know what it means? It’s the rate at which our body makes energy from calories we eat. This energy is then used to power up the body so you can do the things you do. Most of this energy is utilized by the body on tasks like maintaining body temperature, making and disposing cells, circulating blood etc. The rest of the energy is used for tasks like sitting, walking, reading, exercising etc.

If you are more active than your body will burn more energy, hence need more energy. By not giving it as many calories as you burn, you make the body use fat stored as fuel. Hence, the fat is burned. But some foods like celery or the ones that have high thermic effect make the body burn calories by working the metabolism.

Calories and Fat

Fat is made when the body has more calorie intake than it burns. If your physical activity is not enough and by the end of the day your body has energy or calories left to burn, it will store it in the form of fat. As long as the body does not have to tap into the fat reserves for energy, it will not be burned, even if you do exercise. Thus, you have to create a calorie deficit daily so that the body has to use the fat to fulfill its energy needs. Remember the word daily, it means consistency.

Weight loss

Creating a calorie deficit by reducing the calorie intake will not make the body use the fat reserves. Because our body is lazy like us, it decomposes muscle and uses that as energy. With this technique you will lose weight, but enough fat. As soon as you start eating regularly the weight will come back. It will make you wear and can even end up fatter.

The best way to lose fat is by doing it slowly and consistently. Follow a healthy carb, protein, and almost fat less diet. You can eat healthy fats like nuts and eggs etc. remember to do exercise with it. This way you won’t become weak and trigger the fat reserves to burn instead of lean muscle. Fat is like a batter or energy serve, and we all have it. The body needs a certain amount of fat to maintain your body fat to a healthy level.