Health Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng is a perennial plant that grows in the harsh conditions of Siberia as well as many other parts of Asia.

Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to treat male sexual dysfunction (among other ailments), it has many medicinal properties.

Here are 7 health benefits of ginseng.

Cancer Prevention
Ginsenosides are compounds within ginseng that may help prevent and treat cancer. It is suspected that they reduce cancer cell activity inside the body.

Brain Health
Ginseng helps to boost mental capabilities by stimulating the brain cells. It is also thought to curb mental stress by lowering anxiety levels.

Energy Booster
Ginseng increases oxygen use and regulates the metabolism, which has been shown to increase energy levels.

Blood Pressure
Ginseng contains andaptogen, a compound that regulates blood pressure.


Weight Loss
Research suggests that ginseng affects the way the body metabolizes carbohydrates. It is also believed that there is an extract in ginseng that helps the body to get rid of excess fat. Ginseng may also be effective as a natural appetite suppressant. More scientific research is needed to confirm how effective ginseng may be in aiding with weight loss.

Diabetes Control
Consuming ginseng on a regular basis may help to manage blood sugar levels. Studies have found that ginseng may actually lower blood sugar levels after a meal.

Menstruation Relief
Ginseng tea reduces the pain of severe menstrual cramps while soothing the stomach. It also helps to lessen the intensity and frequency the cramps.