Ways To Hide Postnatal Stretch Marks

If you are bothered much about your postnatal leftover scars, here aresome easy and innovate ways to hide those stretch marks. Try out thesetips to hide.

Everything related to pregnancy will bring you an exciting experience, except those unwanted stretch marks which remain as a leftover sign of your pregnancy. Don’t get upset after seeing those beautiful postnatal stretch mark free belly edited pictures of celebrities on magazine covers. It is quite normal to have stretch marks after a pregnancy since your belly has stretched a lot from its original size.

It may be comparatively easy to get back into your normal shape by doing proper exercise and yoga, but removing those stretch marks will not be that easy. Stretch marks may appear as pink or red in the beginning, but in the due course, it will ultimately become white in colour. Since it is very difficult to get rid of stretch marks from a postnatal belly, it is better to opt for some creative ideas that will help you to hide it.

If you are bothered much about your postnatal leftover scars, here are some easy and innovate ways to hide those stretch marks. Try out these tips to hide postnatal stretch marks and make your body look more stylish.


Concealers: If you are good at hiding your pimple scars with concealers, why not trying it on your stretch marks? Select a concealer which matches with your skin tone and apply it over your stretch marks. This will help in hiding the annoying view of your stretch marks.

Tanning lotions: Using tanning lotions to hide your stretch marks is a great idea. Tanning lotions are available in the market. Other than lotions, tanning products are available in the form of spray as well. Use of tanning products will help you in reducing the visibility of postnatal stretch marks no matter whether they are pink, red or white in colour.

Tattooing: Another idea that you can try is to tattoo the area where you have stretch marks. You may opt for either temporary or permanent tattooing. Tattooing will make you look more stylish and trendy while hiding that exasperating postnatal stretch marks.

Cover it up: Nothing will be easier and simple to hide your stretch marks than selecting clothes that cover up the scars. Select trendy and fashionable clothes that will cover your stomach so that no one will even doubt about having some postnatal stretch marks on your stomach.

Skin care: A better hydrated skin will minimise the visibility of stretch marks. Make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Using oils like olive oil or moisturising creams like cocoa butter to massage over the stretch mark will help in diminishing the postnatal stretch marks to a certain extent.

Expose while hiding: If you have some area on your stomach which remains stretch mark free, try to select any costume that will give you a careless exposure of your problem free skin. It is a wonderful trick to give an illusion of a stretch mark free belly after delivery.

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