Ayurveda Massage – Everything You Need To Know

Ayurvedic massages are remedies depending on the ancient science of alternative medication that has been born in India approximately three million decades back. But all said and done, we’d love to know just what is the ayurvedic massage exactly what to anticipate.

If you’re over obtaining a normal Balinese massage or a Swedish massage and are searching for something more extreme or holistic, here is an ayurvedic massage which you may anticipate and enjoy. Ayurvedic massages are remedies depending on the ancient science of alternative medication that has been born in India approximately three million decades back. According to specialists, it’s thought that the body consists of five primary components, namely, earth, water, atmosphere, space, and flame. But all said and done, we’d love to know just what is the ayurvedic massage exactly what to anticipate.

What Is An Ayurvedic Massage?


The massages given out by ayurvedic experts are borrowed in the ayurvedic principles that produces a exceptional experience that can help concentrate on stress relief, comfort and the release of psychological blockages and weight also. In the majority of ayurvedic massages, they’d concentrate on a specific chakra within the human body and the energy factors too, which can be utilized for curing in ayurvedic medicine. The purpose here would be to find these things exploited and to adjust the power in your system so that you feels completely relaxed.

How Is It Different From A Regular Massage?

Along with this, an individual should not anticipate a great deal of genuine massaging to occur; the remedy here is to control more of your energy fields and also to free the psychological burden that works out at the crux of your muscles. Additionally, there are props used to perform an ayurvedic massage, like alloy tools and tuning forks in certain parts of the human body, which will help alleviate tension and bring stability to the body emotionally and physically.


What Kind Of Oils Do They Use In Ayurvedic Massage?

These three doshas in the body produce a distinctive biochemical laboratory within the human body and is human to everybody’s body. The mixture of these three doshas are endless, and every individual has an individualized mix, as distinctive as a fingerprint, state specialists. But in the majority people there’s 1 dosha that’s dominant, another being secondary and also the previous one being the least prominent.


An individual has to consult with an expert naturopathic physician to learn which dosha is the most dominant in your system, and pick an oil consequently.

  • Should You Have Dry Skin Or Vata: You should use oils that are warm and heavy.
  • When You’ve Got Overheated Skin Care Or Sensitive Skin Care Or Pitta: You should use oils That Are unbiased and cooling. Oils like oliveoil ghee, castor, coconut and citrus are best employed for this particular dosha type.
  • Should you’ve got Oily Skin Or Kapha: You should use oils which are stimulating. Oils must be light. A few of the oils for use are safflower, canola, flaxseed and corn oils to the human body with this specific dosha type.

Tip For Self Massage:

Prior to going to bed, then it would be smart to rub a tiny warm sesame oil all around the body. Pay particular attention to the uterus as well as the ears, and other openings within the body. In case you have problems sleeping, then it would be wonderful to rub your scalp and the soles of their feet with a few oil. This can help relax and rejuvenate the entire body, and you’ll sleep much better.


Origin Of Ayurveda Massage

There has been constantly a practice of utilizing touch as a therapeutic method from the ayurvedic massage methods and habits rooted in age old history and remedies. Along with this, it helped decrease anxiety and attracted about refreshment and comfort to the entire body, mind and the spirit.

But over time and during cultural changes, there was a disreputable form of indulgence for quite a while in history. Taking into consideration these endings, massage treatments have undergone a different growth in need in this era. Nowadays, massages are thought of as an extremely holistic method of curing that is practiced all over the world.


Back in India, the action of practicing acupuncture came around at 3000 BC or even earlier. It had been thought to be of divine origin and has been passed down from 1 generation to another.

Ayurveda is a traditional health care system of holistic manners from the state of India. Natural scientists and early seers and sages developed this method based on several years of experiments, research and meditations. It’s based on these texts the holistic method of ayurvedic massages were embraced widely across India.

After the body process is living from harmony of the surroundings around, it’s then it incurs diseases and diseases, state ayurvedic experts. It’s when that is completed the natural recovery process starts, say specialists in Ayurveda.

It’ll be all based upon the wellbeing imbalances of this individual, and also the constitution of this human body the period of this year which ayurveda would urge how to use the five senses to interact with the environment about to make an orderly balance.


Types Of Ayurveda Massage

Below are the types of Ayurveda massages mentioned:

  • The Murda Taylam, where the oil is applied to the head
  • The Shiro Abhyangam, where the oil is applied to the scalp
  • The Siro Pitchu, where the oil soaked cloth is kept over the head
  • The Shiro Vasti, where the oil is kept on the head for a period of time with the help of a hat

Benefits Of Ayurveda Massage

Here are ayurvedic massage benefits:

  • It helps strengthen blood circulation, and helps the blood reach the nerve endings
  • An ayurvedic massage helps with muscle toning
  • An ayurvedic massage has a calming effect on the body and the brain
  • An ayurvedic massage helps with joint lubrication and increases the joint strength too
  • An ayurvedic massage helps with increase of mental awareness and alertness
  • Ayurvedic massages helps with the process of removing impurities and toxins from the body
  • Ayurvedic massages help with detoxification of the body
  • Ayurvedic massages help with daily endurance levels in the body
  • Ayurvedic massages bring about sound sleep and better sleep at night
  • Ayurvedic massages help with longevity
  • Ayurvedic massages helps strengthen the visual senses and the vision in the long run
  • Ayurvedic massages help improve skin health and removes wrinkles from the skin
  • Ayurvedic massages brings radiance to the skin overall
  • Ayurvedic massages help nourish the body overall
  • Ayurvedic massages help hair grow thick and soft and shiny too
  • Ayurvedic massages help refresh and sooth sensory organs
  • Ayurvedic massages help remove stiffness and coarseness, fatigue and roughness from the body

Best Ayurveda Massage Destinations

Here are some of the best Ayurveda massage destinations in India; however the best Ayurveda Resorts are in Kerala.



  1. Ananda in the Himalayas
  2. Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kerala
  3. Wildflower Hall, Shimla
  4. Kalari Kovilakom, Palakkad, Kerala
  5. Vivanta By Taj, Bekal, Kasargod, Kerala
  6. Isola Di Cocco, Kerala
  7. Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra
  8. Hilton, Shillim, Maharashtra
  9. The Leela, Udaipur
  10. Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, Kerala
  11. Devaaya, the Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre, Goa
  12. The Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort & Spa
  13. Kairali Ayurvedic Health Village, Kerala
  14. Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur
  15. Khyber Resort and Spa Gulmarg
  16. Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre, Goa
  17. The Himalayan, Manali
  18. Aalia, Haridwar
  19. The Terraces, Kanatal
  20. Athreya Ayurvedic Center, Kerala

Recommended Ayurveda Massage For Different Dosha Types


Five Treatments For Pacifying Pitta:

  1. Garshana massage
  2. Abhyanga massage
  3. Vishesh massage
  4. Shirodhara massage and
  5. Marma therapy.

Five Treatments For Pacifying Vata:

  1. Abhyanga massage
  2. Shirodhara massage
  3. Marma therapy
  4. Swedana massage and
  5. Oshadhi massage


Five Treatments For Pacifying Kapha:

  1. Garshana massage
  2. Vishesh massage
  3. Swedana massage
  4. Udvartana masaage, and
  5. Neti massage.

In A Nutshell…

So, here is what you wanted to know about ayurvedic massages, its origin, the types, the advantages and much more. You must try these out massages at least once in your life. All these are holistic massages and they’ve varied benefits for the human body, the brain, and also the soul.

Speak to a ayurvedic specialist with astounding Ayurveda massage training or book yourself into one of those Ayurveda retreat in a gym close to you to know your body type or the dosha type, then upon consultation get the type of ayurvedic massage best suited to you. If you previously have experienced ayurvedic massages, according to your dosha type, you need to write in and let us know exactly how you feel and what your experience was like.