200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh

Are you highly interested in deepening your practice of yoga and taking it to the next level? Then sign up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh India to also give a great start to your teaching career. In addition,  discover the person within you as you delve deep into meditation and connect yourself with the divine force that you believe in.  Learn more about your body and understand the yogic philosophy  through this comprehensive yoga teacher training course of 28 days.

What you can learn from a 200 hour yoga teacher training course in India

  • The study of anatomy to know your body
  • The understanding of prana
  • The awareness of rituals that go with Vedic knowledge
  • How to recite mantras and what effect they have on the body, mind and soul
  • The ancient knowledge of ayurveda
  • Detailed study of asanas
  • Hatha yoga/Ashtanga Yoga/Vinyasa flow
  • Meditation techniques

Popular destinations for yoga and yoga teacher training

The popularly demanded destination of yogis include Bali, Cambodia, Thailand ,Costa Rica, Goa, Dharamsala, and Rishikesh in India.

Rishikesh for Yoga

In the northern part of India, tucked in the Himalayan foothills, blessed by the holy Ganges flowing through, Rishikesh is a quirky little town that attracts thousands of tourists and yoga enthusiasts every year from all over the world.

There is absolutely no dearth of quality yoga schools in Rishikesh and HYA in Rishikesh is one among the best, being recognized by Yoga Alliance International, Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance UK. Join our 200 hour yoga teacher training certification in Rishikesh, India, which is aimed towards leading you to the path of enlightenment, self-awakening, and diverting you from the worldly materialism.

Popular Activities of interest in Rishikesh (guided tour)

Along with your course on yoga teacher training, you have a vast array of options in Rishikesh to keep yourself engaged with the help of a guide, such as:

  • Ashram visits and strolling along ghats (banks) to witness the divine rituals of Ganga Arti.
  • A trekking session to the mountains
  • A float rafting trip
  • Cave visit where saints meditated in the past for eg. The Vasistha Goofa
  • Taking walks to nearby villages
  • Bungee jumping
  • Rock climbing
  • Watching the sunrise and sunset along the Greater Himalayan peaks

What you will find at HYA in Rishikesh, other than the course

To give your mind a good break, during your stay here, we have excitement, enjoyment and surprises awaiting you in the form of:

  • Friday movies
  • Saturday kirtans
  • Sunday excursions which include:
    o   1st Sunday Excursion : Waterfall Trekking
    o   2nd Sunday Excursion : Tour The Himalayas
    o   3rd Sunday Excursion : Orphanage School
    o   4th Sunday Excursion : Free for Students
  • And more in store!

If eternal peace and harmony is what you seek, then you have immense benefits awaiting as you enroll for this course in our yoga school. So join HYA in Rishikesh to cross the pre-defined boundaries that limit your mind and to open yourself to connect with your divinity.