5 Minutes Simple Arms Workout with Dumbbells for Women

Looking good in a dress doesn’t just mean you need to have a tight core but also you need to have toned arms. Most people think that a toned arm will just help with the strength and look good, but it is much more than that. Having stronger arms means you have to lift your stuff while shopping without thinking about the pain or injury. It also helps you improve your posture and automatically makes you look thinner and taller. Most people confuse stronger arm muscles with bulky muscles but they are two completely different things. The flabby fat portion that you keep seeing when you lift your arms, needs to go and this can only happen if you start your workout today. Most women especially avoid using dumbbells because they think this will increase the girth of their arms making them look like a hulk. On the contrary, weights only help you train your muscles and get rid of the extra fat. It also helps in stabilizing the bones and improving the strength of your joints so you can keep working for long hours without getting tired.

With the help of this article, we will mainly look at the myths that are attached to weight lifting when it comes to women. We will further look at a simple 5 minutes workout that you can design with the help of dumbbells. This workout is ideal for beginners as well as an intermediate level so you do not have to go to the gym.

Why weight-based workouts are not famous among women?

If we think about weight-based work out the first thing that pops into our heads is a man working hard in a gym. This is a basic perspective that almost all women have about weight-based exercise. They think that if they lift the weight, they will develop muscles just like bodybuilders. However, they do not realize that technique, weight and goal also matter. If you lift more weight and adjust the frequency and reps accordingly, you might end up developing muscles. However, if you just want to tone your muscles, you can alter your technique and you will get favorable results eventually. Another important thing is the kind of exercises you chose and the overall exercise time. With the help of light weights and proper technique, you will be able to get rid of extra fat in your arms without gaining muscles.


5 Minutes Simple Arms Workout

Before starting your workout you need to stretch your arms properly. This will help you work on the flexibility of your muscles and you will not feel the strain later. Another important thing is that with the flexibility you will be able to reduce the chance of injury which is very important when you are working with weights.

Overhead Press

Start with an overhead press. You just need to stand straight with your feet apart. Now lift the dumbbells. You need to extend your arms all the way straight so you do not end up keeping them loose. Another important thing is to make sure your arms are straight, most people end up overextending their elbows which can be very painful.

Diamond Pushup

Within diamond push up your push-up position will be different whereas everything else will be the same. Rather than getting into the plank position where your legs will be straight and the weight will be on the toes, you will be using your knees to do the heavy lifting and to support your arms.

Fly Stretch

You will be sitting on a bench while holding the dumbbell. Now, extend your hands on either side like you are about to fly. Your goal is to stretch and keep your hands floating.

Dumbbell Push Up

For this workout, you will not only be working on the strength of your core and the strength of your arms but also your shoulders and back. You need to get into a pushup position and then take a dive till you can touch your nose to the floor.


Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to finding the right balance. You do not have to lift too much weight or invest hours in the gym, your selection of exercises and the right weight will help you a lot. Most people think that they need to work out for at least 45 minutes to see any improvement in their health and fitness, however, even a 15 minutes workout is enough. Within the 15 minutes workout, you can divide it on the basis of your workout routine. Most people start with a simple warm-up session and then move towards strength and toning.