Home Remedies For Epilepsy

There are few home remedies that can help cure epilepsy naturally. Ayurvedic home remedies for epilepsy.

Epilepsy is a brain disorder which can be really dangerous as times. The neurons in the brain sends incorrect signals which causes seizures. The seizures can vary between mood swings, loss of awareness, slow body functioning or unconsciousness. These misfired brain signals due to epilepsy can be really harmful for the health.

There are many causes of epilepsy and this brain disorder can affect both adults and infants. The brain sends electrical impulses which controls muscle movements in the body. People who suffer from epilepsy get excessive electrical impulses which leads to stiffening of the muscles and causes jerking reactions. These seizures stops when the brain stops sending electrical impulses.

Stiffening of the muscles, vomiting, drooling, sudden urination, unconscious, vigorous shaking of arms and legs and memory loss are some common symptoms of epilepsy. There are few home remedies that can help deal with epilepsy. However, Ayurvedic cure is the best as they do not have side effects and are natural too. Check out Ayurvedic home remedies for epilepsy.


Ayurvedic home remedies for epilepsy:

Epsom Salt: Epsom salt has magnesium which controls the electrical impulses that comes out from the brain. Magnesium also lowers the risk of seizures caused due to epilepsy.

Coconut Water: As fluids keep the body functioning, it is good to drink coconut water and stay hydrated. Coconut water is the best medicine to treat dehydration.

Fluids: When sodium levels get slow, the brain cells swell due to water increase, thus causing seizures. Drink lots of healthy fluids like fruit juice and water. Ash gourd juice is really effective for curing epilepsy.

Ash Gourd: The green vegetable is considered as one of the best home remedies for epilepsy. Take a bowl of crushed ash gourd. Squeeze out the juice of the ash gourd and add liquorice powder into it. Mix well and drink once every day to cure epilepsy.

Milk: Calcium is a natural electrolyte that is required by the body for the normal functioning of the muscles, nerve conduction and blood coagulation. Drink milk, it is one of the best home remedies for epilepsy.

Garlic: This herb has been used for treating several health conditions including epilepsy. An effective home remedy using garlic to treat epilepsy is, boil water, milk and crushed garlic cloves. Have this once everyday to reduce seizures.

These are few home remedies that can help cure epilepsy naturally.